1. 如果你对所展示的作品有興趣,欢迎联系商洽。
  2. 欢迎定制各类中国画和书法。
  3. 承接雕刻书画用图章。
  4. 承接各种中国画和书法讲座和工作坊。



  1. 书画材料:各种毛笔;中国颜色;墨水。宣纸。
  2. 中国画参考书,书法字帖。

Provide services

1. If you are interested in the displayed works, please contact us.

2. Welcome to customize all kinds of Chinese paintings and calligraphy.

3. Undertake seals for engraving calligraphy and painting.

4. To undertake various lectures and workshops on Chinese painting and calligraphy.

There are a small amount of Chinese painting and calligraphy materials available, welcome to inquire:

The supply includes:

1. Painting and calligraphy materials: various brushes; Chinese colors; ink. Rice paper.

2. Chinese painting reference book, calligraphy copybook.

Seals 图章

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